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Online Dating Tips & Advice

Online Dating can be a fun and secure way of meeting other people. It has proved to be a great place to build long term friendships and love relationships. When meeting someone online or off, please use caution and judgment in making sure it's a good experience. Common sense always proves to be your best safety tool.

Online Dating Tip 1) Someone who seems too good to be true, probably is. Begin by exchanging emails or instant messages on Look for odd behavior or inconsistencies that could tip you off about a particular person. Always keep in mind that the person you are speaking with may not be who they seem. Trusting your instincts in these types of situations can prove to be beneficial. If a person makes you uncomfortable, you are under no obligation to keep speaking with them. Conceal your important information as much as possible. Bookofmatches makes it easy to hide this kind of information, but be cautions when filling out your essay questions never to give away things like your email address, your last name, phone number, or anything that could tip someone off to your whereabouts. Stop communicating with anyone who tries to pressure or trick you into giving out this information.

Online Dating Tip 2) Always be cautious and use common sense. More thought out decisions create better online dating results. Keep the notion that people online must earn your trust gradually. Consistency, integrity, and forthright behavior always prove to be honorable when trusting someone you've met online. Take plenty of precaution and time to test for a trustworthy person. If you believe someone is lying, they probaly are, so act accordingly. Be responsible about the friends you meet online and don't become prematurely intimate with anyone. If you both decide to meet each other outside of the internet, be smart and protect yourself. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide some of the most current information available about sexually transmitted diseases and preserving your health.

Online Dating Tip 3) Ask to see a picture of the person. A picture will show a person's appearance, which may prove helpful in exercising common sense. If you can, request several pictures from the other person. Getting a glimps of them in different settings always helps your gut feelings. If someone makes up excuses of not being able to show you a picture, then they just might be hiding something.

Online Dating Tip 4) Talking on the phone can reveal information about a person's social skills. Don't reveal your phone number to a stranger if possible. Use the blocking features for caller id. Only give out your number when you are completely comfortable.

Online Dating Tip 5) Only meet when you feel ready. You are never obligated to actually physically meet someone, regardless of your level of online involvement. Even if you have already set a place and time to meet, if you are not 100% comfortable, just cancel. Don't feel intimidated or under obligation to meet someone. If you have a hunch or concern of meeting, trust yourself and take the precautions.

Online Dating Tip 6) Pay attention to the red flags. Anger, frustration, or controlling mannerisms and attitudes should be guarded against. Acting in a passive-aggressive manner, saying disrespectful comments, or acting physically inappropriate are all red flags. Other types of things to watch out for are inconsistencies in profiles. Look for stuff such as contradictions in age, interests, appearance, profession, marital status, etc. Also watch out for things such as someone who doesn't answer direct questions or refuses to speak to you on the phone after establishing ongoing online intimacy.

Online Dating Tip 7) Always meet in a safe and open to the public place. Give a friend information on just where you are going and when you might be back. Leave information about the person you are meeting with a friend. Never allow your date to pick you up at home. Always take your own transportation when switching to another location. Try to meet in a place that is familiar to you. When the time is right, say goodbye and leave in your own car or by yourself.

Online Dating Tip 8) Always be careful if you are going to meet someone in a foreign place. If you are flying in, arrange for a rental car and your own hotel room. Never give out any information about where you are staying. Always make sure that a friend or family knows exactly where you are and has contact information. If possible, take your cell phone.

Online Dating Tip 9) Never get into a situation where you feel unsure. If you feel intimidated or afraid of your date, use common sense to leave as quickly as possible. Call a friend to get advice or get someone around you involved so that you don't feel alone. Leave through the back door if you have to and never worry or feel embarrassed about your behavior. It's better to feel safe than sorry.

Online Dating Tip 10) Whether you are online or off, you will always find crazy people in this world. Dating always carries risks and a little caution can go a long way in reducing risks in matters of online dating

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