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Dating Tips:  Does your Penis Fit?

Q: I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have a small penis. It's only two inches when it's erect and about the same when it's not. My girlfriend tells me that I satisfy her, but how can that be true when the media is always shouting, "Bigger is better?"

A: As long as a man's penis is long enough to reach the first one-third of a woman's vagina, sex will feel pleasurable for both the woman and the man. This is because the opening of a woman's vagina has the most pleasure-producing nerve endings. The further back, the fewer the nerve endings. During orgasm, the muscle spasms here are extremely intense.

More important than length is the girth. The thicker a man's penis, the more stimulation a woman will feel each time he thrusts. This should explain why size does not matter.

The most reliable way to gauge a lover's satisfaction is to pay particular attention to her clitoris. The more you touch it, the more pleased she'll be. A clitoris is basically an undersized penis with all the same sensations of one. Think about it, how much satisfaction would you get if yours was ignored during sex. Probably not too much! With this in mind, make sure to give ample stimulation to her clitoris rather than worrying about how deep your penis reaches.

Just for the record, the average size of an erect penis is a little over six inches. The longest erect penis ever medially verified measured 13 ½ inches long and six and one-forth inches around. In that case, size would matter-ouch!


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