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Online Dating Tips for your First Date


When you go on the first date, do not set yourself up for any "high” expectations....It is so hard to

be disappointed...Be happy and have fun no matter of what..

When you meet the girl, try to be yourself and do not overdo it! You know what I mean. Do not try way too hard to impress

her. I guarantee it, it will come out wrong one way or another...Think of the date, as though you are meeting a friend to hang out with..

So, if things do not work out, you go home....

If you instantly feel a connection, physical attraction, and all that stuff, still stay cool and enjoy the moment...

Remember, let her lead. let her talk. listen what she has to say. you will be surprised how much you will

find out about the person, likes and dislikes, which may help you later to get to know her better.

Of, course I am not saying to be completely quite, she also wants to hear things about you, that she's been looking for

in the man for such a long  time. Deep inside she even pictures you two together, but she hides it really well, to

cover and protect her own feelings...

She is sexy and flirtatious, ...she is a lioness. She leans toward you, and make these things with her lips that drive you totally crazy, but that still doesn’t mean you "heat the home run"...By  nature, women senses the tension and excitement, she knows you like her, and may be even want her, she thrives on it...

She enjoys your compliments and attention you are giving her, but she could still be unsure about you...

You are being a perfect gentlemen, I do not have to define what that means, but if you are not sure: open the doors; pull her chair, complement her, and let her lead in the conversation.....

Do not be all over the place, it comes across as being to desperate...Do not keep looking around at other people (primarily girls), do not strike the conversation with the waiters, and total strangers, do not try to be the center of attention for the entire place (restaurant, bar, etc)

Being in control, cool and  all together, and sort of conservative, is so empowering (in my opinion), and sooo sexy.

Women feels like she is with the man, and not with a boy!



If she likes you, you would know by her demeanor, she will not try to escape at 9:00pm..

However sometimes the girl is not interested, and just being nice, because she does not want to hurt your feelings.

Does that sounds familiar to you? She just plays a long until the date is over...

But do not worry, if this is the case you will know the difference: she is kind of holding back...not being to

open ...she does not look directly in to your eyes, and she is not being too difensive (as we women tend to get initially!), because she does not care.


So, do not even "push" anymore. Just end the evening with dignity...


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