Myths about Dating in the Internet

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Myths about Dating in the Internet

The Internet is a virtual reality, and as in any other reality, it is full of myths. Here are some most popular ones that make many people refuse registering at dating sites. These are the myths that make the most timid of us refuse new acquaintances and interesting encounters; these are the myths that doom us to loneliness and short-term relations with casual partners.

Our site is the place, where you can really meet a person, who is your destiny; you can also find pen pals or virtual dates here.

The First Myth.

I don't need help to meet new people.

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Of course, you don't need it! Hundreds of attractive singles are waiting at your door, aren't they? Have the courage to face the facts: it's not easy to find yourself a partner, it's even more difficult to find a good partner. If you are looking for a date via the Internet, that doesn't mean you should stop searching among your acquaintances etc. If you really wish to find a good partner, you should use all available ways for that - isn't that so? While at a restaurant the object of your attention can disappear at once, but at a date site he or she will always be at a one-click distance from you.

The Second Myth.

The Internet dates are dangerous.

Sure, so many maniacs are all around!
But wait: the online dates give you an opportunity to study a person before a real encounter. You can ask your date about his or her work, about the people around, about the family state and what not. All that you can do anonymously without mentioning even your real name. Of course, some people put their real address and real telephones at the dating sites - but those are rare.
Now think about your new friend you have met at your neighbor's party - do you know much about him? What about the dates at the sporting hall entrance? At somebody's birthday party? Now read the previous paragraph again.

The Third Myth.

The Internet dating services are for complete losers.

It's all truth, if you mean that losers are well educated, open-minded persons, who have Internet access and enough cleverness to compose a story about oneself. That kind of “looser” has some kind of income, is ready to test something new, and is active enough not to just sit in a bar hoping to find a casual partner for a night.

The Fourth Myth.

I always meet new people.

Congratulations! Most people are less lucky. Their life is all work, housework, and rare meetings with friends. If you are the lucky who are easily in new dates, sell your secret - you'll make lots of money!
Still for most of us, new acquaintance is a not so easy event. The Internet makes meeting new people easier. You cannot only find sexual partners for an occasional encounter or maybe to make a family, but you can also meet just new friends from your city.

The Fifth Myth.

I have enough attention to my personality without all that.

Fine. The rest of the people at dating sites are sociable too - otherwise they wouldn't put their profiles on line, they would just sit by the window waiting for a fairy-tail prince or princess to come.
These people just use the new style of being acquainted. You can meet new friends on line, and you control the process fully.

The Sixth Myth.

There are only prostitutes in the Internet.

It depends on a site, where you put your profile. Some specialized sites have a field in profiles: price for an hour. If you put your profile there, do not wait for decent offers. Other sites are marriage agencies - they are also specialized in its field. We are talking about “make a friend” sites, where you can find new friends and new dates, as you prefer.

The Seventh Myth.

Only programmers make friends online, I am nothing similar.

You are probably misinformed. One of the Internet site advantages is the search tool: you can search people by their profession, hometown, horoscope sign or whatever else.

The Eighth Myth.

They always tell lies in the Internet - several people promised to call me, but they did not.

Sure, but is that something specific for the Internet? You are happy to meet a new person, you feel euphoria, you are waiting for a call, and finally nobody calls… Are you sure that the girl, you have met at the supermarket recently, is really single and working hard? Why can you be sure that the guy from the cafe is really a banker and not a WC bowl sales manager?
You need to be attentive anyhow and anywhere - also in the Internet. Trust your feelings and if you feel something is strange, try to postpone relations until everything is clear to you.

The Ninth Myth.

I am not ready for serious relations yet.

Happily for you, not everybody in the Internet are looking for marriage. The most of people are just looking for a new acquaintance or a new flirt partner - that helps immensely, especially when a person has just moved to a new place and knows nobody nearby.

The Tenth Myth.

It costs too much.

Are you visiting cafes from time to time? What about a glass of mineral water or a cup of coffee? What about some wine at the weekend? The same price is for thousands of new people here.

The Eleventh Myth.

I am very shy; usually I cannot be the first to start conversation.

You do not need to. Just feel in your profile, write about you and your interests. Upload a couple of your photos. Soon people will get interested. You can also browse other people's profiles - just send “hello” or a virtual kiss to those, whom you liked.


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