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Yahoo Dating Service Show slight improvement over the last 2 years.

Funny how a Yahoo Dating service works over other types of dating services. If you have been noticing, and I have Yahoo is in every market online. The internet is a big place, but Yahoo Dating is even bigger. Who cares about the search engine, since google is the largest out there. In fact Google is so large I would not be surprise that Yahoo is take over by Google. But what will happen to the Dating Service? who knows.

Yahoo Dating Service ranks high in Yahoo's search engine

Ever notice how Yahoos own dating service ranks so high it's own search engine. That is not fair Yahoo. The internet is big place, so optimize your personal dating serviceso it really ranks high in your search engine, not because you own your search engine and your dating service.

Opposite Yahoo dating attracts singles from personals

Numbering the billions, Yahoo dating is not secret. The company owns so many venues it is hard to keep track of them all. The search engine is the biggest one, but all of those T.V. adds talk about this new life engine. Does the Dating service and the life engine have something to do with the name Yahoo?


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