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Free Jewish dating Services
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Free Jewish dating Services

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Free Jewish dating Services t was about three months ago that I plunged head-on into online dating, after having dabbled in it very unsuccessfully for a summer a while back.

About me: I'm 38 but look 10 years younger, am considered by others to be attractive, have a fit, toned body and have never emailed a woman with any sort of embarrassing faux pas.

The lessons I've learned are this: apparently the men-to-women ratio must be at least 25 to 1, or even 50. My response rate, for instance, at match.com is less than 1%! For all the talk of all the jerks women attract online, a well-spoken, decent-looking guy with an obvious sense of humor still doesn't fare any better!

As the other guy mentioned, and from some of the exchanges I've had, decent-looking women are overwhelmed with responses from guys--I have no idea what their criteria is in selecting. I'm totally baffled. No matter how well-written a response you provide, it doesn't seem to affect the response rate. On the flipside, the responses I get from women--who rarely initiate anything on these sites--have been from depressingly unattractive and older women whom I would never consider.

Match.com is the obvious master, with the most results and most new faces. Lavalife is okay but rarely seems to get a lot of new faces. Matchmaker.com has the coolest setup but again: never seems to have any new faces. One recurring annoying problem is lots of photos of attractive women that are still up... even though she hasn't been on the site in months (a sign she's found somebody). Stay away from dreamdates.com and dreammates.com (different sites)--talk about no new faces!

Finally, as it turned out, I went on a date with somebody finally from matchmaker.com whom I had emailed and then had an hour and a half phone conversation with, which went great. The sad ending was that while her pictures were attractive enough and she listed her body type as "weight and height proportionate," in person she was considerably heavier and that sank the date right there. Why people lie about that when ultimately they will be discovered is beyond me.

In the end, I'll give it another month but as an investment it has not paid off at all. I'm sure for attractive women it's an instant way to attract hundreds of suitors--but for guys it appears to be merely a way to be lost in the onslaught.

I haven't tried eharmony yet, perhaps I'll give them the last chance to redeem online dating. But for the money it's cost this has been a virtual zero return on the investment, and I'd rather take my chances the old-fashioned way rather than spend any more time writing thoughtful responses to women I know will never reply.

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My heart is a little broken. I am not sure why. I met a great guy on the Internet. We talked via email a few times and on the phone a few times more. We had a great first meeting (a coffee date). Five minutes after leaving the restaurant he asked me if I would like to see him again. We met about a week later and had the perfect second date. We did not sleep together but we had our first kiss and fooled around a little. It was magic. We could kiss talk and then kiss some more.

Then I didn't hear from him for a few days; and a brief call later, I returned it but didn't get any response. I guess it's over, but I find this terrible. If a person waxes poetic about meeting you and you have several great times together don't you think they owe you some sort of explanation?

This is the core of what I hate about online dating: the minute you feel like some of the mystery is out of it, BLAM! Some bozo pulls a mystery and is gone and you are left saying and thinking what did I say? Was he really married? dating 10 other chicks? who knows?

I really am starting to hate online dating!


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line dating sites are really corny to me. I've tried a few sites and few women ever set up a membership, so they make it too difficult to meet. There are too many confusing ads - women who display a provocative pic yet affirm they're a sweet, shy, virginal old-fashioned Daddy's girl. Too many single moms with (at least) two kids not looking for a Dad wondering where are all the men who 'keep it real' are. Too many 'where's my knight 'prince'. I've also noticed that women are WELL aware of their visual assets, regardless of how they supposedly hate to be judged by them - cleavage, butts, legs... if she thinks it's hot it's there on display. And if she thinks she doesn't have it, she'll slyly pose it away to draw attention elsewhere...For the latest information about Free Jewish dating Services



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Free Jewish dating Services


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