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Jewish Speed Dating Services
Jewish Speed Dating Services

Jewish Speed Dating

Jewish Speed Dating Services

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Jewish Speed Dating The experience that I would like to share happened on a second date with a man that I had met online. It was only hours after our first meeting that he called to ask me if I would like to join him skiing that next weekend. I had enjoyed this man’s company, so I thought that we would have a great time together, and this was my chance to try something new.

I was pretty nervous at first, but he turned out to be a very good teacher, and by the middle of the day I was skiing pretty well on my own. We would stop every now and then to exchange a couple of kisses, and then we would be off on our way again.

Then we decided to get adventuresome and ski on a more challenging path. There were a couple of ski lifts that we had to take in order to get from one hill to the next. It was on our last ski lift that it happened...

I don’t know how exactly it happened, but some how when we went to get off the lift, our skis got tangled up and we both ended up flying out of the chair. He ended up flying across me, landing on the opposite side of me…face down, breaking his leg and ankle in the process! We did not know this until he drove himself to the hospital later that evening!

He called me that night to tell me where he was, so I went to see him the next day with flowers in hand. I felt so terrible for him. I kept saying that it should have been me lying in that hospital bed. But here is the kicker! He told me that he had something very important that he needed to tell me, and he was not sure how I was going to react.

I just held my breath, and listened to him tell me that he was still married, but in the process of getting a divorce to his wife!

He said that he was feeling guilty leading me to believe that he was already divorced, and wanted to make sure that I understood the situation. SO….my question to this is….If he wouldn't have broken his leg, do you think he would have told me he was still married? I would like to think so, but unfortunately I would more than likely be wrong!

The Moral of this story is: Just because they say they are divorced, doesn't always mean that they have gone through the whole divorce process. I say…just take ‘em skiing and break a leg or two and see if the guilt gets to them!

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Great Speed Dating

This is great when you're doing the browsing, but it's also the hard bit when you have to fill it in about yourself. Yes, I do know my height, job title and interests, but certain categories, like rating my own appearance (for your information, I put 'attractive' - this is no time for modesty!) and the 'More about me and what I am looking for...' section had me umming and ahhing for hours. The problem was that I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, but I knew I would recognise it if I found it...

OK, so profile filled out? Check. Photo uploaded? Check. With that I switched off my computer (I'm sure my boss appeciates the fact that for me to be a happy worker my social life must sometimes take priority) and headed home for the weekend dreaming about Prince Charming, who will, naturally, have tracked me down by Monday. We will have been on our first date by Wednesday and married and living in domestic bliss come the following week. Roll on Monday!

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Man's point of view on Jewish Speed Dating?

You know, I wasn't sure at first. I think most people would feel the same. I mean, online dating? Isn't it a bit, you know... nerdy? Sad? But then I started to think about it. How do you meet someone? How do you meet someone special? It's that thing of being surrounded by people, few of whom look you in the eye or smile, never mind spark up a conversation.

So I rationalised it. It's like joining the gym/film club/salsa class (as if!), or all those nights out with friends of friends. It's about widening your circle, getting out there and meeting people – the 'churn', as one acquaintance calls it. But how much easier it would be if you could find a way of speeding up the process. And if it wasn't any good? Well then, tell no one and it all goes quietly away. Never happened, right? Just you and me, our little secret...

Taking that first step
So, about nine months ago I succumbed to handbag.com's ads and clicked through to Dating Direct. I've had a great few months - and met some pretty special people, too. Even better, the online thing has its advantages. Trust me, I know.

Firstly (get ready), you know that if you message someone on a dating site, they're there for the dating. Genius, eh? OK, obvious maybe, but it answers the 'Are they single?' and 'Looking?' and 'Open to approaches?' questions straight away. Relief.

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Jewish Speed Dating Services


 Jewish Speed Dating Services


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