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Is a Free Online Dating Service really free?

Free online dating service, what you need to know before you sign up. Have you ever gotten tricked into signing up to one of those so called free dating services, just to be tricked into buying the service? If the answer is yes you are not alone. Free has changed it's meaning over the years. Not just with dating services, but with bank checking. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch online, so make sure before you join you are willing to pay for this so called free dating service.

Does your Online Dating provide Free Stuff?

Your Free Dating Service just got you to sign up. Now what? Do you get some free services or do you have to pay for all of the services online. How can they make this dating service free? Do they put millions of sponsored ads or ask you to donate money. Do they sell your email address to cigarette companies or local bars?

Free Service for dating singles.

I will list the free services that should come with your free dating service:

  1. Free Email service
  2. Free Searching or browsing
  3. Free alerts of new members
  4. Uploading your pictures
  5. Special pricing on events and free drinks
  6. Free dating tips
  7. Free Dating reviews on other dating services


Remember dating should be fun and free so choose a dating service that meets these requirements and be safe out there.

Thank you for listening.

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